Fractional C02 Laser                                                                                         January 2, 2017

Are wrinkles the first thing you see when you look in the mirror? Have you thought about getting a brow lift or an eye-lift but you don’t want the downtime that comes with surgery? How about erasing the fine lines around your mouth, often referred to as “smokers lines”. Lastly, are you ready to erase the signs of aging? If so, then Dr. Campano has the solution for you! The Fractional CO2 laser can solve just about every wrinkle problem, including deep lines. It’s also one of the most versatile and advanced non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments available, to help you erase all of the signs of aging from your face, neck, chest, or hands. Brown spots, red spots, acne scars, and even stretch marks can be a thing of the past. Imagine instead, smoother, unblemished, and tighter skin. Fractional C02 laser delivers results without the risks or the downtime from surgery.

Most, if not all of Dr. Campano’s patients who have chosen Fractional C02 laser treatment, notice improvements and so can you after just one treatment. This skin rejuvenating procedure takes about one hour, depending on the area treated. Dr. Campano applies a topical numbing cream before the treatment begins. This helps alleviate the discomfort associated with the procedure. Once the area is numbed, the skin is cleansed and the patient is given protective eyewear. Utilizing the latest Fractional C02 laser technology, Dr. Campano applies a square beam to the surface of the skin to remove thin layers. You can instantly see the skin start to tighten! At the same time, the skin is cooled with a soothing air stream. Once the non-surgical treatment is complete, Dr. Campano uses an oxygen mist to cool the face and applies Aquaphor to moisturize the skin.

Patients will notice minimal discomfort during treatment and recovery time is typically no longer than two weeks. Some redness and flaking is to be expected, as this is part of the natural healing process. And because Fractional C02 laser treatment stimulates collagen, your appearance will continue to improve. After 4 – 6 months, you will look even better than you did a week after treatment! Post treatment, it’s important to remember to use a good UVA/UVB sunscreen – always.

If you’re ready to take on your wrinkles and other unsightly blemishes, Dr. Campano can help you with the anti-aging benefits of the Fractional C02 laser. Call us today at (661) 726-6277 to schedule a consultation or to learn more about the Fractional C02 laser. You can also visit us online, at

Dr. Campano’s PRP Red Carpet Facial                                                        September 25, 2016

Imagine a natural treatment that can get rid you of dark circles, puffiness under your eyes, fine lines, sagging, and a dull complexion. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation can do all of that and it’s a natural treatment created from your own body. Dr. Campano is now offering this collagen-boosting treatment to her patients and wants to help you improve your skin’s overall volume, fullness, and tone.

PRP has been successfully used in the fields of orthopedic medicine, dentistry, and reconstructive surgery for many years, and is now being used as an effective treatment for cosmetic facial rejuvenation. PRP is different from other injections or fillers because your own collagen is stimulated to create total facial rejuvenation, rather than individual wrinkle improvement. It’s also used to treat areas where hyaluronic acid fillers are not safe to use. PRP improves overall quality, tightness, and texture of the skin, naturally.

To create the serum for the procedure, a small tube of blood will be drawn with a tiny butterfly needle, into a sterile tube that is then spun down in a centrifuge to separate the different components of the blood. Red and white blood cells are divided from the platelets and the plasma (the clear fluid), to create a platelet rich plasma, or PRP. While the PRP is being prepared, the treatment areas are cleansed and a topical numbing gel is applied.

You will then receive a series of small, relatively painless micro-needling injections. Treatment takes less than 20 minutes and patients experience no downtime. Some mild swelling, redness, or bruising may occur, but because PRP is made from your own cells, there’s almost no possibility of adverse side effects. Your skin will be glowing in no time, as patients will begin to see results in just 3 – 4 weeks after treatment, that will continue to improve.

Now, this procedure is not what you may have seen on reality television, where the Kardashian family takes blood, smears it on their faces, and calls it a “Vampire Facelift®”. Rather, we take the plasma rich with platelets, which we call “liquid gold”, and perform the PRP facial, where tiny micro-needles inject the PRP onto the face. You can also have the PRP facelift, where Dr. Campano injects the PRP, along with volumizing filler. Dr. Campano can also inject the PRP into the scalp as a nonsurgical alternative to hair restoration.

So, if you’ve been waiting for a natural treatment to help you restore your skin’s youthful appearance, come see Dr. Campano about the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation treatment and take advantage of this amazing technology, right here in the Antelope Valley. Just ask for the Dr. Campano PRP Red Carpet Facial, and get red carpet ready! Call (661) 726-6277 to schedule a free consultation, online at

miraDry                                                                                                                   July 5, 2016

Excessive underarm sweat can cause embarrassment and anxiety.  Sometimes deodorant is not enough to help control odor and wetness.  If you suffer from excessive underarm sweating, Dr. Campano can help you say goodbye to the worry of sweat stains and odors with miraDry.  MiraDry is the first FDA approved non-invasive treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, and Dr. Campano is the first to bring this innovative treatment to the AV. Imagine the day you no longer have to worry about ruining your favorite blouse or think twice about lifting your arms.  The miraDry treatment has made this possible for over 60,000 people worldwide and Dr. Campano wants to help you join them.

In as little as one hour, Dr. Campano can help you take control of unwanted sweat and odor.  During the miraDry treatment, Dr. Campano uses a non-invasive handheld devise to deliver electromagnetic waves into the sweat and odor glands located in the underarms.  While thermolysis works to destroy the glands, the top layers of skin are simultaneously cooled and protected.  In as few as one or two treatments, the glands that cause sweat and odor are gone for good! 

Most patients experience little to no pain since the underarms are numbed prior to treatment.  Most patients return to regular activity immediately and can resume exercise within a few days.  Some post treatment underarm discomfort is reported, but it subsides within a few days. 

Some people may ask, “Isn’t sweating necessary?” but the answer to that is – not in your armpits!  The sweat glands located in the underarms only account for 2% of approximately 2 million sweat glands you’re born with.  However, 50% of the smelly sweat glands are located under the armpit, so with the help of miraDry and Dr. Campano, you’re literally wiping out half of your odor causing sweat. Not to mention, miraDry works to keep your underarms dry, while allowing you to continue to perspire normally elsewhere.

Get ready to say goodbye to excessive underarm sweat and odor and say hello to a drier and more confident you with miraDry and Dr. Campano.  To schedule a consultation, call (661) 726-6277, or visit us online, at  

Pillar Implant Procedure                                                                                  June 23, 2016

If snoring is interfering with your sleep, and if sprays and special pillows haven’t worked, it’s time to contact Dr. Campano about the Pillar Implant Procedure. Vibrations in the soft palate cause snoring and the result is the loss of the good night’s sleep you and your partner deserve. Pillar implants are a permanent and effective treatment designed to help control your snoring. Made from a material used in implantable medical products for over 50 years, the implants work together with the body’s natural fibrotic response to stiffen the soft palate. Over 45,000 people worldwide have been successfully treated with the Pillar procedure to permanently stop the tissue vibrations that cause snoring.

Dr. Campano can help you become the next satisfied patient. The minimally invasive Pillar Implant Procedure is performed in a single office visit under local anesthesia and is completed in about 15 minutes. During the procedure, Dr. Campano carefully inserts tiny woven implants into the soft palate. Each implant is about the size of a dime, measuring approximately 0.7 inches, with an outer diameter of 0.08 inches. Patients should not be able to see or feel the implants and there have been no reports of changes in speech or difficulty swallowing. Minor soreness is to be expected and can be treated with an over the counter pain reliever. Most patients return to normal activities and diet within 24-hours.

Clinical studies report a 90% satisfaction rate in the reduction of snoring from bed partners. This quick and lasting treatment is worth the results. Both you and your loved one will wake up refreshed and as a result, you will experience more energy, less daytime sleepiness and a significant improvement in your lifestyle.

Dr. Campano can help you reduce your problem snoring and bring your family closer together. Don’t wait to lose another night’s sleep – call us today at (661) 726-6277 to schedule a consultation for the Pillar Implant Procedure, or visit us online, at  

Smartlipo                                                                                                                 June 15, 2016

Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to fix problem areas. With summer just a few weeks away, now’s the time to see Dr. Campano for a solution.  Smartlipo is an FDA approved, minimally invasive, laser-assisted lipolysis procedure that targets the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, chin and neck, and permanently eliminates fat. Laser energy is used to liquefy fat and unlike traditional liposuction that can cause pitting, Smartlipo produces results that are even and smooth.  Smartlipo is ideal for delicate areas, like the chin, as it also contours and tightens the skin.

Dr. Campano is extensively trained in the Smartlipo procedure and was the first to offer it in the Antelope Valley and in all of Kern County.  Dr. Campano uses the Smartlipo triplex system, which is the most advanced technology available for the procedure.  Smartlipo is performed in-office under local anesthesia, which keeps the patient comfortable.  A sensation of pressure or tugging is to be expected and the procedure typically lasts 1-2 hours depending on the number and size of areas treated.  

Minor side effects include minimal bleeding and some light bruising or swelling, but patients have a much shorter recovery time than the 4-6 weeks usually experienced with traditional liposuction.  A compression garment is worn for a few days to help the healing process and most people resume normal activities within a couple days.  Results are often achieved with just one Smartlipo treatment and are visible within a week.

Smartlipo should never be used for weight loss and is intended for people who are in shape, but have some trouble areas.  The results are long lasting, as fat cells are permanently removed, however, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Campano wants to help you say good-bye to those love handles and unsightly bulges.  To find out if Smartlipo is right for you, call us today at (661) 726-6277 to schedule a consultation with the Antelope Valley’s first Smartlipo practitioner, or visit us online, at

Body By Thermage                                                                                               April 12, 2016

If you’re ready for younger and tighter looking skin without the downtime of surgery, or the use of injections or lasers, Dr. Campano can help!  Body by Thermage is an FDA approved, non-invasive, and safe treatment used to tighten skin.  Thermage utilizes captive radio frequency technology to heat the skin’s outer layer to stimulate collagen production below the surface. Flabby, sagging skin and unwanted bulges are transformed, and unlike traditional liposuction that can sometimes increase the visibility of cellulite or cause dimpling, Thermage improves the appearance of cellulite after just one session.   

During this non-invasive procedure, Dr. Campano uses the latest Thermage technology to deliver radio frequencies into targeted areas. A mild heat sensation may be felt during treatment, but general anesthesia is not required. Thermage treatments are typically less than 2 hours long and most patients experience results in as little as one day.  As your body continues to stimulate collage production, continued improvements can take place for up to 4 months. Body by Thermage is the ideal choice for tackling problem areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms.

Body by Thermage is not intended as a replacement for diet and exercise – it is a treatment to help tighten and lift problem areas, reduce the appearance of cellulite after pregnancy and weight loss and fight the signs of aging. Side effects are minor and temporary as some patients may experience slightly red skin after treatment, but most people resume regular activities immediately after. You should not undergo Thermage treatment if you have a cardiac pacemaker or other active implants.  

If you dream of a tighter belly, smoother thighs, or firmer buttocks and arms, Body by Thermage may just be what the doctor ordered. Call us today at (661) 726-6277 to learn more about Body by Thermage, or visit us online, at  

Love Your Neck With Dr. Campano                                                            March 21, 2016 

Are you seeing double when you look in the mirror?  A double chin, that is.  Contrary to popular belief, a double chin doesn’t always mean you’re over weight, or a more mature individual.  However, as we age, submental fat is usually due to excess fat and can be seen at any age, which means people who are thin can even have this appear. A loss of collagen also contributes to developing a double chin, as collagen is our most abundant protein and gives structure to our epidermal tissues, which makes us look young and vibrant.  Loss of collagen over time, creates pre-jowl sulcus, or “jowling”.  Fat deposits into the area and suddenly, our face begins to fall, as fat begins to accumulate underneath the jaw line, creating a double chin. 

Until recently, surgical liposuction was the most effective way to get rid of submental fat located under the chin.  Not any more.  As different as we all are, there are a variety of different treatment methods available today.  On Thursday March 24th, 2016 at 5:30pm, Dr. Campano is hosting a free lecture, called “Love Your Neck”, in an effort to help you determine which treatment option may be best for you, or a loved on.  If you want non-invasive, minimally invasive, or invasive procedures to improve the appearance of your neck,  Dr. Campano can determine whether Coolsculpting, Kybella, Smart Lipo, or a surgical neck lift is right for you.

Dr. Campano will also be introducing a new cream product, to treat the delicate skin of the neck and decollete (upper chest area, including the neck, cleavage and shoulder areas), called Necklift.  The skin on the décolletage (a low neckline on a woman’s dress or top), is one of the first places women show their age.  Women often overlook the décolletage when it comes to skin care, not realizing they should be treating it with just as much care as their face.  The good news is that it’s not too late to change the destiny of your décolletage by changing your skincare regime from the chest up.

There’s so much to learn, why not learn from one of the best, in a one-on-one consultation.  Of course it’s always important to know the facts about any treatment option you might be considering, which is why Dr. Campano is providing private consultations, to ensure you receive personalized care.  That’s Thursday March 24th, 2016 at 5:30pm, for Dr. Campano’s free “Love Your Neck” lecture.  Call (661) 726-6277 to RSVP, online at 

What is Latisse and how does it work?                                                       March 4, 2016

Latisse is the only product scientifically proven and approved by the FDA, to stimulate longer and thicker eyelash growth. Lashes continue to grow without their normal shedding process, until they’ve reached the desired length. A topical product available only by prescription, Latisse was discovered while looking for a way to stimulate eyelash growth in patients who used Lumigan, a prescription eye drop for glaucoma.

To maintain the growth and desired length, treatments must be administered 2 – 3 times per week, under the direction of a Latisse specialist, like Dr. Campano. Latisse is applied by dabbing it on the upper eyelash line each night, as it will spread to your lower lash line automatically, as you blink. You should never apply Latisse in your eye or onto your lower lid. Before Latisse is applied, your face must be clean and your makeup and contact lenses must be removed. Under a doctor’s supervision, patients have experienced growth in eyelash length, up to 25%, in as little as 16 weeks.

According to clinical studies conducted before FDA approval, Latisse eyelash lengthener is safe for most people. However, you may not be a candidate if you have certain eye problems, severe allergies or skin infections of the upper eyelids. Pregnant women should not use Latisse and women nursing, may want to wait before using it as well. To find out if you’re a candidate for Latisse, call Dr. Campano at (661) 726-6277, online at

Coolsculpting                                                                                                                  February 10, 2016

Dr. Campano is always looking for cool new ways to help you look your best! The FDA-cleared, CoolSculpting procedure, is no exception. The only non-surgical fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat, in those problem areas. CoolSculpting technology enables the highly trained technicians at Dr. Campano’s office, to precisely target fat cells beneath the skin, and cool them to temperatures that trigger their natural death. Over time, as the treated fat cells shrink and die, your body naturally metabolizes the fat cells, eliminating the dead cells. Diet or exercise simply reduces the fat cells, while CoolSculpting permanently removes the fat cells from your body. This is much like liposuction, but completely noninvasive.

CoolSculpting can be utilized for treating both small and large areas, like those found: around the neck, the inner and outer thighs, abdomen, hips, arms, fat above the knees, and even male breasts (gynecomastia). However, it is of utmost importance, that this procedure be performed by a highly trained technician, like those found at Dr. Campano’s office. Dr. Campano has also made it a point, to make sure CoolSculpting is a tried and true method that works, unlike some of the other “latest and greatest” methods on the market. The expert consultants you’ll find at Dr. Campano’s office, have been specially trained in the CoolSculpting procedure. There have been over 4-million successful treatments, over the past 8 years.

It’s important to remember that your health and body are largely dependent of you being healthy and performing routine exercise. CoolSculpting is not meant to take the place of either of these, but is meant to help you treat the problem areas, that your healthy lifestyle can’t seem to eliminate. Side effects are minor and rare. They include: transient swelling or bloating, and temporary discomfort or numbness in the treated areas following the session. The process usually takes about an hour and you may feel an intense cooling feeling, but can ultimately relax for the duration of the procedure.

It’s our goal at the office of Dr. Ruwanthi Campano MD to make your beauty goals achievable. CoolSculpting may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to helping reach those goals. Call (661) 726-6277 for any questions about the CoolSculpting process, or visit us online, at to learn more.