Excessive underarm sweat can cause embarrassment and anxiety.  Sometimes deodorant is not enough to help control odor and wetness.  If you suffer from excessive underarm sweating, Dr. Campano can help you say goodbye to the worry of sweat stains and odors with miraDry.  MiraDry is the first FDA approved non-invasive treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating, and Dr. Campano is the first to bring this innovative treatment to the AV. Imagine the day you no longer have to worry about ruining your favorite blouse or think twice about lifting your arms.  The miraDry treatment has made this possible for over 60,000 people worldwide and Dr. Campano wants to help you join them.

In as little as one hour, Dr. Campano can help you take control of unwanted sweat and odor.  During the miraDry treatment, Dr. Campano uses a non-invasive handheld devise to deliver electromagnetic waves into the sweat and odor glands located in the underarms.  While thermolysis works to destroy the glands, the top layers of skin are simultaneously cooled and protected.  In as few as one or two treatments, the glands that cause sweat and odor are gone for good!

Most patients experience little to no pain since the underarms are numbed prior to treatment.  Most patients return to regular activity immediately and can resume exercise within a few days.  Some post-treatment underarm discomfort is reported, but it subsides within a few days.

Some people may ask, “Isn’t sweating necessary?” but the answer to that is – not in your armpits!  The sweat glands located in the underarms only account for 2% of approximately 2 million sweat glands you’re born with.  However, 50% of the smelly sweat glands are located under the armpit, so with the help of miraDry and Dr. Campano, you’re literally wiping out half of your odor causing sweat. Not to mention, miraDry works to keep your underarms dry while allowing you to continue to perspire normally elsewhere.

Get ready to say goodbye to excessive underarm sweat and odor and say hello to a drier and more confident you with miraDry and Dr. Campano.  To schedule a consultation, call (661) 726-6277, or visit us online, at www.drcampano.com.

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