Pillar Implant Procedure

Pillar Implant Procedure

If snoring is interfering with your sleep, and if sprays and special pillows haven’t worked, it’s time to contact Dr. Campano about the Pillar Implant Procedure. Vibrations in the soft palate cause snoring and the result is the loss of the good night’s sleep you and your partner deserve. Pillar implants are a permanent and effective treatment designed to help control your snoring. Made from a material used in implantable medical products for over 50 years, the implants work together with the body’s natural fibrotic response to stiffen the soft palate. Over 45,000 people worldwide have been successfully treated with the Pillar procedure to permanently stop the tissue vibrations that cause snoring.

Dr. Campano can help you become the next satisfied patient. The minimally invasive Pillar Implant Procedure is performed in a single office visit under local anesthesia and is completed in about 15 minutes. During the procedure, Dr. Campano carefully inserts tiny woven implants into the soft palate. Each implant is about the size of a dime, measuring approximately 0.7 inches, with an outer diameter of 0.08 inches. Patients should not be able to see or feel the implants and there have been no reports of changes in speech or difficulty swallowing. Minor soreness is to be expected and can be treated with an over the counter pain reliever. Most patients return to normal activities and diet within 24-hours.

Clinical studies report a 90% satisfaction rate in the reduction of snoring from bed partners. This quick and lasting treatment is worth the results. Both you and your loved one will wake up refreshed and as a result, you will experience more energy, less daytime sleepiness and a significant improvement in your lifestyle.

Dr. Campano can help you reduce your problem snoring and bring your family closer together. Don’t wait to lose another night’s sleep – call us today at (661) 726-6277 to schedule a consultation for the Pillar Implant Procedure, or visit us online, at www.drcampano.com.

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